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Do not take your pet to Seguin Animal in Seguin, Tx.Dr.

Bill Campaigne could not care less about you or your pet! I spent good money there and got a whopping 1 1/2 minutes with the Dr.

He was in a huge hurry, he was very distracted, he didn't do a full exam, and left the room before I could ask a question.He obviously had much better things to do.I paid for a full exam because of suspected ear problems and he didn't even check the ears, which according to the other vet, were infected.

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We've used Seguin Animal Hospital for eight years now for our Yorkie and four cats. The Yorkie has had severe leg/hip problems and ear canal problems, and has had to be operated on twice. We have absolutely no complaints about them whatsoever.

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Obviously you don't know how to speak up when needed.The way I see it, if YOU actually cared about your pet you would have asked the vet questions even before he left the room.

I've been to that vet before and yes there are times where he's extremely busy. I manage to ask him questions even before he tries walking out of the room. So that is your fault. Not his.

If you were truly not satisfied with your visit with him, then you could have easily refused to pay the full amount of your visit.Learn to think.


Sorry to hear you didn't have a good trip there. Maybe you should take them to the vet in goshen

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